30 Days Fit Program by FT|PT

  • The 30 Days Fit Program of FT/PT: Specially designed for people who don’t have time to go to the gym.

    FT/PT has a special fitness program designed to get people to get fit and energetic in 30 days: the unique 30Days Fit Program of FT/PT.

    The sophisticated program consists of 4 consecutive weeks of 3 intense workouts a week with a personal trainer, with a fixed price (€ 624,95) and ensures you:

    • lower percentage of fat
    • More muscle strength
    • healthy (less) weight
    • lower blood pressure
    • More energy
    • The feeling you can handle the world again thanks to a unique , personalised exact combination of strength training and cardio with 6-months free access to our online health platform ftpt25.nl and a dietary quick-scan with our nutritionist. This program brings the change that you’ve always been looking for but never had the time for.

    Sports fasting and 30 days fit:

    You can combine 30 days Fit with a sports program and fasting. It is a 10-day spa that helps your body to make a switch from burning sugar to fat burning. This in combination with the intensive support of our team, ensure you still get fitter from the programme.

    Combination price: €849.95

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    If you are interested in this unique approach of FT/PT, then sign up for the 30 Days Fit Programme.

    Send a mail to info@ftpt.nl or call Fabian Touw on 06 54342861 for an appointment in our training studio, Pannekoekstraat 80a, Rotterdam.

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