• Working out with us is not only good, but also feels good!
    • Work out when it suits you!
    • Work on your personal physical and mental goals!

    Are you bored with the look of a standard gym? Then FT/ PT Rotterdam is for you!

    Exercise and healthy eating are essential to keeping your body fit. Feeling fit means feeling confident in yourself, to create a healthy dose of energy, being free of injuries and certainly last but not least, building a strong body. At FT/PT you can work with a personal trainer. This personal trainer encourages you to exercise and at the same time ensures that you move with fun.

    We also offer expert nutritional advice tailored to your body! Do you think a ‘personal trainer is nothing for me? And this is often the big question, why not take a free trial from the founder and personal trainer Fabian Touw!

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    For all other business enquiries, please send your e-mail to: Patricia@ftpt.nl

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