Fabian Touw, Owner FT|PT

  • Fabian Touw, owner FT|PT

    Fabian Touw is a sportsman through and through and born entrepreneur. Motivating people fits him like a glove. Through his passion, enthusiasm, curiosity and knowledge of the subject was a matter of time before he would become a successful personal trainer.

    He started in 1996 (at age 15) on fitness and has since never stopped. In this time, fitness still relatively unknown to the general public. Fabian fitness but then found interesting though because you’re preoccupied with the human body in this box.

    In 2002 he started athletics and his favorite songs were the 100 and 150 meter sprints to build speed, explosiveness and coordination. Unfortunately he get suffered from a nasty shin injury which he was forced to stop. Then Fabian is going to boxing in 2004 to focus more on mobility and flexibility, and endurance. He was champion of South Holland.

    Birth FT|PT
    Based on his past above, many conversations with experienced coaches and an innate interest in sports Fabian found the motivation to FT 2010 | establish PT. Result: Your own studio in the center of Rotterdam. He now has two personal trainers.

    Fabian also aspires to enter the market as a speaker and facilitator. Think give seminars and lectures, focusing on young people (starting) entrepreneurs and people with goals in life.


    • South Holland boxing champion 2006
    • ¼ Triathlon Deil (1 km swim, 42 km bike, 10 km run) 2013
    • ½ Marathon Zeewolde (21.5 km) 2013
    • ½ Marathon Katwijk aan Zee (21.5 km) 2013
    • 30 km forest run 2013
    • 100 km Joop Zoetemelk Cycling 2014
    • ½ Triathlon Almere-Amsterdam 2014
    • Marathon Rotterdam 2014
    • 135 km cycling Erasmus Tour 2014
    • Kilimanjaro climbing 2015
    • Iron Man 2015 Zurich Switzerland
    • FT|PT Studio in Rotterdam-Centre
    • Personal trainer in the program ‘Obese’ RTL4
    • Speaker, inspirer, motivator, fabiantouw.nl

    Other activities

    • Fabian as (guest) speaker, click here
    • FTPT25 Online Health Platform, read more here
    • Ambassador to I Am Foundation Sports, follow his sporting journey through his personal blog, click here

    Filosofie FT|PT.

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