Patrica Ter Bogt, health Coach

  • Who am I? Marketing and health advisor

    I am an enthusiastic and a passionate person, and who knows just how to motivate the maximum positive out of everyone from their own product and service. I am working as a ‘ marketer ‘ since 2003 and have since my own marketing consultancy, Netherlands OJ Marketing.


    Next to motorcycling and spending time with my friends and family, my daughter Semmie Fay is my treasure, the most beautiful gift I have received. She is so cheerful, active and does not give up until something works out.

    FT/PT and Patricia

    Since 2014 I have supported Fabian in all of his communications and marketing expressions, so that he can fulfil better profiling to both his customers and to prospects. I am responsible for the internal organization and everything that has to do with communication and marketing. I am also a founding member of and the new health platform.

    Health coach

    My interest in sports and nutrition is a blurred hobby rolled out to a serious business. I have successfully received and completed my Sport fasting certificate and my hormone factor trainer training. I accompany athletes to their hormonal imbalance, to ensure that this comes back into balance through nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.

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    Filosofie FT|PT.

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