Danny, PT’er

  • Danny, Personal Trainer

    Who am I? 

    I am Danny Corbeau, 29 years old, born and raised in Rotterdam. I live with my girlfriend and beautiful daughter in Hellevoetsluis. Ideally, I spend my free time with my family and do fun things together. My motivation, I feel is just wonderful to see how happy we are by living a good and healthy life. I can see what a good lifestyle does, not just with me but also with my family. It is something that everyone and I know can achieve. Life has many ups and downs, which we all know. But the people you love and surround you are the most important thing.

    From an early age I have always been into sports. Football & cycling I really enjoyed, and later I discovered fitness. Sport and being sportive is in my heart.

    Why sport? 

    I find it fascinating how you can push your body to the extreme and get the most out of your efforts. I believe in a healthy, stable and quiet lifestyle. For me it is an essential part of sport. After I successfully completed a training sports & movement working in the fitness industry, I wanted to specialize so I started to orient in the field of medical fitness & personal training.  Being an all-round specialist, I have also specialized in the field of diabetes and many other classes in the field of functional training.

    Personal Trainer, what motivates me? 

    After 8 years working as a fitness instructor, I am now more than 3 years working as a personal trainer. I train and motivate to get the best out of people. It is not just about training but also to talk and have confidence in each other to grow a personal bond. Communication and honesty, apply yourself. I’m not afraid to confront you to get the maximum performance out of yourself. Result and progress, here we go! I find it rewarding to see people that really can help, physically and mentally. It gives me great satisfaction to  give my positive way of life and to show how very important sport and fitness can be.

    Why FT/PT and being so distinctive? 

    Searching deep into the heart of this organisation of FT/PT, what strikes me is the professionalism of how FT/PT works. The motivation that Fabian has, which I also see him as a source of inspiration and that makes it for me as a PT- the best feeling to work with. With 3 high level experience PT-ers, it pushes and motivates me to be better a PT there. The peace that radiates confidence and with working, the Fabian open-minded way of working, open about yourself and your clients/colleagues. The fact that it is not just training that goes on to make the whole experience, the customers should feel good when they walk through the door. This suits me, my way of life and my way of training. This pure feeling occurs to me working here and cannot be compared to other sport institutes where I’ve been working before.

    Filosofie FT|PT.

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