• Work method

    Getting started with your personal trainer FT | PT Rotterdam.

    Step 1 Intake
    During the interview exchange personal trainer and background information from you. Together we determine what goal you want to achieve.

    Step 2 PT screen
    Using PT – Screen does the personal trainer relying on your physical condition by testing the balance, mobility and stability. A PT – Screen makes possible deficiencies and asymmetric (left / right), differences can be seen. This information uses the personal trainer to train balance muscle groups. So that a more developed muscle group is in proportion with the rest of the body.

    Step 3 PT – Crosstraining
    The efficient and diverse PT – Cross Training starts!

    Step 4 – Testing
    FTPT has developed a health plan that the overall condition can be tested by means of four tests. Read more here.

    50 min: € 72, –
    30 min: € 52, –
    30 days Fit: € 624.95
    Family Training: € 117, –
    Nutrition € 60, – per session:
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    Training categories

    Losing weight
    Condition, Circuit
    Duo Training
    Fitness Moe
    Stronger and Fitter
    Woman & Figure
    30 days Fit Home training
    amily Training

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