RTL4 Obese | Personal Trainer Fabian Touw


    How exciting! Did Gerard made it? RTL4 Obese 2015

    The television programme on RTL4 called Obese 2015, In 2014 Fabian Touw was chosen from thousands of entries, one of the lucky personal trainers that made a contribution to help those looking to change their lives.

    In this programme, seven candidates in a period of 300 days worked on an accompanied diet, training and their mental attitude. In addition cardio fitness equipment was given to the candidates in their home to be trained daily with a personal trainer, in which one of them was Fabian.

    The episodes were recorded until January 2015. Gerard trained and was guided along with the other members of Obese, in his fight against the pounds. I can only say, ‘ Gerard I’m proud of you my boy’! It was a beautiful journey in which we have travelled together. The final of obese was April 19 2015 on the tube. To see our episode, watch it on April 26 on RTL4.

    • Presenter: Wendy van Dijk
    • Head coach: Radmilo Soda
    • Personal Trainer: Fabian Touw
  • obese 2015 gerard 89 kilo afgevallen

    Gerard lost 89 kg!
    Bron: RTL4

    Obese 2015 aflevering 2 Gerard en personal trainer Fabian Touw Rotterdam
    Radmilo, Fabian, Gerard and Wendy van Dijk

    Obese 2015 personal trainer Fabian, Radmillo en kandi Gerard

    Gerard, Radmilo and Fabian